May 07 21

António Moreira Gonçalves


After Performance Days and Première Vision, Bloomati continued its bet on digital fair by participating in MODTISSIMO. “So far, this format has been going well,” explains the marketing manager Alice Sampaio. On the digital fair, the highlight went to a new catalogue of innovative finishes.

With the compass aimed at sportswear, the brand that belongs to the Carvema textile is betting on technical textiles. “We have several finishes linked to sport clothing, such as a water repellent finish, antibacterial, UV protection and temperature regulator, among others”, says Alice Sampaio.

In a catalogue with more than 20 fabric finishes, and besides the ones oriented towards sportswear, the company highlights another two novelties this season: Floral Essence and Slim Care. “The first incorporates a floral aroma into the meshes, through microcapsules, which gradually release the smell, and the second uses a similar technique, but with substances that stimulate skin care and help to fight cellulite”, says the company’s representative.