September 11 20



The need for a combined and reinforced voice for environmentally friendly brands was the premise that lead to the creation of Between Parallels, an association that wants to bring together all the sustainable design companies. With 16 founding brands and companies, Between Parallels is preparing a set of promotional actions, from workshops to the presence at professional fairs, such as MODtissimo, taking place on September 23rd and 24th.

The idea came up a year ago at Neonyt Berlin, one of the main fairs devoted to sustainability. “Several brands, like Elementum, Vintage for Cause and Nazareth Collection were present, and we started talking and thinking about how we could have a greater impact in terms of fair attendance, online sales, etc. Because we are all micro-companies or individual companies and it becomes very difficult to be able to stand out in this kind of actions”, says Marita Setas Ferro, the creator of the Marita Moreno brand and now also chairman of Between Parallels.

The idea would be turned into reality with an invitation by the London Fashion Week. “They were looking for brands to make a pop-up store, and I thought about doing the first collective experience”, recalls Marita Ferro, who ended up bringing together seven Portuguese brands and designers, from fashion to interior decoration, in a first sustainable and made in Portugal design embassy.

The experience went well – it led the group to “think about really structure itself” – and on last January, before the pandemic crisis, Between Parallels was officially created. Now the goal is to attract even more artisans and companies.