November 20 20



It is an association that brings together sustainable brands, from clothing producers to footwear, jewellery, accessories and interior decoration, and it was the need for a joint and reinforced voice for environmentally friendly brands that brought them together.

At the moment, 16 brands and companies are part of the project, but Between Parallels “wants to include more artisans, more companies, and more representatives from sectors such as wool and cork, to think about sustainability as a whole and bring together different perspectives”, explains the president of the association, Marita Setas Ferro, the creator of the Marita Moreno brand.

In addition to participating in international fairs, the association is planning to carry out training actions in sustainability and design and wants to create a digital library dedicated to the subject. “We have four workers dedicated solely to the research area, which are working on bringing together a collection of information regarding the sustainability area: texts, magazines, stores, suppliers, etc”, explain Marita Ferro.

The plan also includes the development of a newsletter to promote the Between Parallels’ brands and events.