July 11 19


S. Roque’s first full digital machine stands out at ITMA

World leader in the manufacture of machines for textile printing, S. Roque presented at ITMA, in Barcelona, the new RoqNow model, its first Full Digital machine, which allows printing unique patterns and designs – that do not repeat themselves – at an industrial rhythm.

Besides the great novelty, the giant from Famalicão, which has been manufacturing printing machines since 1983, also brought to Barcelona two of its most recent innovations. RoqNext, the automatic textile stamping machine that incorporates a complete packaging line; and RoqCTS, which prints directly on the silkscreen frames.

As the name implies, RoqNow uses new digital technologies and not the traditional stamping frames to do the printings. “It took us three years of R&D before we could present the marketable product. This new technology is directed primarily to e-commerce platforms that were seeking ways to customize products, but also to the brands with high added value that limit each model to a very precise amount “, describes the company, defining the segment of customers for the new machine.

S. Roque also explains that the new machine has an industrial production capacity that can reach 300 pieces – each one with a different and unique design – per hour.

With a turnover of more than 50 million euros, the company employs more than 480 people and exports machines to textile factories in more than 40 countries, including China and the USA.