June 18 21



After being one of the first companies to readjust its production to supply hospitals and clinics, Unifardas, a company specialized in workwear, launched Hisi, a new collection of hospital clothing that it is now being presented to the market, after properly tested by health professionals.

“More than a clothing collection for the healthcare area, we wanted to create an innovative experience where comfort, protection and sustainability are transformed into workwear”.

The collection – made up by gowns, tunics, pants and long sleeves, for both men and women – were tried on by doctors, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, and other professionals from the health sector, who evaluated the collection’s performance in a real context.

Comfortable, light, flexible and resistant were some adjectives pointed out by the health professionals. For this new collection, the company combined crepe fabric, which makes the garments more fluid, within spandex that gives them flexibility. In terms of protection, the pieces were dermatologically tested, and incorporate anti-odor, antiviral and antibacterial finishings.

The Hisi collection is made with sustainable fabrics, such as recycled polyester, made from bottles collected from the ocean, recycled nylon or Lyocell Tencel. Even the buttons are made from recycled paper.