July 20th, 23



Fitecom appeared in Paris dressed for the first time with two certifications – RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) that respond to the seriousness of its commitment to sustainability – and, even more, with an increasingly clear bet on the coat.

“The coat has always been our core. The use of the suit is increasingly limited to ceremonies. We still have an offer in 100% wool or a mixture of 55% polyester and 45% wool. But our big bet is the coat. In Première Vision, we brought some cashmere items and 100% wool fabrics, without dyeing, using the natural colors of the sheep, white, beige, and brown”, explains João Carvalho, CEO of Fitecom.

Sustainability is the watchword, Fitecom’s compass, hence the two certifications and ongoing investments towards reducing its ecological footprint and energy transition.

At the end of June, the photovoltaic panels went into operation, an investment of more than 700,000 euros with the capacity to produce one megawatt, which should satisfy 28% of the energy needs of the company – on a current average, as in the first week the sun was so much that this percentage was more than 90%.

And the starting line is the construction of a new WWTP, which should start operating at the end of the summer of 2024, an investment in circularity of around 1.2 million euros, developed within the scope of the GIATEX consortium, and which will enable it to recover 60% of the water used in its production process.