July 31 20



Ballet Rosa, a specialist in materials and fashion for ballet, has just patented an innovative bar protection that meets all the safety requirements imposed by the pandemic. Already in the stage of international promotion, the protection ensures that the practitioners do not touch the bars that aids them with their movements and also helps set the distance between dancers.

Luís Guimarães, one of the company’s partners, told T Jornal that the company’s concern was to find solutions that would allow ballet dancers to return to the gyms.

“The bar protection is already patented and the product is pending approval”, said Luís Guimarães, who added that Ballet Rosa created a specific website for selling the product.

The product, called Barre GuardTM, allows studio owners to keep their students at a regular distance, maintaining a clean and hygienic space.

The Barre GuardTM comes in three lengths, depending on the space that each dancer needs, and attaches easily to standard ballet bars.

Ballet Rosa turnover rounds two million euros per year (96% of which in exports). The company has 30 employees and sells its products to about 44 countries.