July 20th, 23



Tearfil Up, a product whose signature is From Trash to Treasure, was the new fad that the company of Belém Machado brought to Première Vision, and consists of a kind of practical application of Lavoisier’s famous principle – in nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

The spinning company offers its customers a program to take back production waste, which they will later receive back in the form of threads made from fibers from this tattered waste.

“Tearfil Up is a sustainable, completely circular solution. A process where no water or chemicals enter. There are no carbon emissions, and everything that is transformed comes from nature”, summarizes Belém Machado, CEO of Tearfil.

This ecological Midas touch by Tearfil did not exhaust the offer it exhibited in Paris, which includes many hemp and yarns produced from circulose (a cellulosic fiber obtained by recycling cotton from used clothes and production waste) and a viscose of mint, which in addition to smelling good, comes in a beautiful shade of green.

In the meantime, Tearfil is in the final adjustments for the manufacturing start of new yarn, in a process developed in partnership with the Finns from Spinnova, the fiber producer derived from wood.

“Spinnova is an innovative fiber, produced through a patented process, without harmful chemicals, pollution or residues, and that has the same touch and offers the same sensation as natural fibers such as cotton”, explains Belém Machado, the businesswoman of SMBM (initials of Sérgio Machado and herself), which four years ago acquired Tearfil from the MoreTextile group.