May 10th 2024



This week, Tearfil inaugurated a new R&D spinning line with Finnish Spinnova at its facilities in Guimarães. The cooperation agreement for the development of yarns was signed in June last year with the aim of serving as a test line for Spinnova fibres, so that they can be used in different applications and the project can be brought to commercial scale.

‘By sharing the capacity of this state-of-the-art spinning line, Tearfil and Spinnova are advancing the development and testing of Spinnova fibre, paving the way for adoption on an industrial scale,’ says Maria Belém Machado, CEO of Tearfil. ‘We are very excited about the inauguration of the line, it is an important milestone in our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the industry,’ she adds in an announcement.

Shahriare Mahmood, Spinnova’s product and sustainability director, adds: ‘Our own yarn spinning line gives us flexibility and speed in testing batches of fibre.’ The technology installed in terms of machinery was the responsibility of Rieter, which comments on the project’s potential. ‘Rieter is pleased to be able to contribute state-of-the-art machinery to Spinnova’s product development. Spinnova fibre is at the forefront of sustainability with the potential to become a large-scale product,’ concludes Franziska Häfeli, head of sales and marketing at Rieter.