June 27th 2024



A delegation of 20 South Korean state officials, from the country’s most important municipalities with a strong textile tradition, visited ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal yesterday with the aim of getting to know the Portuguese textile sector and the initiatives developed by the association in favour of its members. The delegation, led by Park Chong Min, director-general of the South Korean Institute for the Development of Local Government Employees, was hosted by Paulo Melo, a member of ATP’s board and chairman of the Somelos Group.

During the meeting, Paulo Melo outlined the profile of the national textile and clothing industry, which is strongly oriented towards the manufacture of value-added products and towards exports, and also presented the structure, operation and strategies of the association. During his speech, he emphasised the importance of effective management and sustainable policies for the sector’s growth, and shared examples of successful member companies that have stood out for the innovation and quality of their products.

Park Chong Min stated that the meeting was extremely fruitful and that the information gathered will be valuable for implementing improvements in the South Korean textile sector. “We were impressed by ATP’s work and the dynamism of Portuguese textile companies. We believe that collaboration between our countries can bring great benefits to both sectors,” said the director-general.

Paulo Melo, in turn, pledged to continue the dialogue and to explore possible future partnerships between the Portuguese and South Korean entities, with a view to sharing knowledge and developing joint projects that could further strengthen ties between the two countries in the textile area. “This initiative reflects Portugal’s growing reputation as a centre of innovation and quality in the textile sector, attracting international attention and contributing to the dissemination of good practices at a global level,” he stressed.