April 09 21

Mariana D'Orey


Internationally renowned for the quality and variety of the sustainable articles it produces in a private label regime, Soeiro waited for MODTISSIMO’s online edition to dive into the sea of digital fairs. “It was the first time that we participated in online trade shows, and we were very satisfied”, says the commercial director, Antonieta Barbosa.

Dedicated almost exclusively to exports, Soeiro was not negatively affected by the pandemic. Despite the restrictions, the company closed 2020 with a growth of 20% in the business volume, in comparison to the previous year. An increase explained by the global growth in online sales: “if our customers sell more to the final consumer, we also sell more to them, of course,” stated the company manager.

Focused on not letting the company’s customers down – which are mainly concentrated in Europe, although Soeiro also works with the North American and Asian markets –,  the only online tradeshow in which the company saw the need to participate in was Modtissimo.

“We were present both at MODTISSIMO online and at the MODTISSIMO marketplace, where the meetings took place. We prepared a virtual room to  make the digital meetings as productive as possible”, revealed Antonieta Barbosa.

“We work a lot with the European market, especially with France, Germany, Italy and Belgium, but also with the North American market, although a little less. Our goal was to find buyers from some of these countries, so we were available for meetings and clarifications”, adds the commercial director of Soeiro.