April 23 21

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes


After doubling its turnover in 2020, due to the combined effect of starting to make masks and the increase in orders from foreign buyers, Skulk has now the hope of attaining more customers. At MODTISSIMO online, the urban wear presented its Fall / Winter 2021 collection, based on sustainability and comfort.

“About 96% of our turnover comes from exports, from countries such as France, Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands. In 2020, we gained a new Dutch customer and two more in Spain, which helped us to increase sales”, reveals Vasco Oliveira, partner of the brand that has only 4% of sales allocated to the Portuguese market, from the brand’s franchised stores. Of the total amount of business, 70% comes from clothing and the rest from individual protection masks.

“Our brand has always been known for comfort, and during the pandemic, when people were forced to stay at home, that was very privileged, which for us meant an increase in sales. Our clothing articles are comfortable, but without sacrificing style, so they can be used in any situation. For example, just put a blazer on top of one of our tracksuits, and you are ready to go”, explains Vasco Oliveira, one of the brand’s partners.

The blazer with ribbed sleeves, and a more comfortable fit in the torso area, was one of the pieces that helped the company reach a turnover of 800 thousand euros in 2020, the double of the previous year, and due almost entirely to exports. The individual protection masks also contributed to this good result.