October 01 21



SampLess, a digital prototyping centre dedicated to the fashion and textile sector, was highlighted in the Spanish press and surprised by the innovation and quality of a service that will soon be a must for most companies.

The newspaper Modaes wrote a long article about the Portuguese project, and its mentor, Paulo Salgado, “industrial engineer with over eighteen years of experience in the sector”. The report also highlighted the inevitability of, little by little, digital catalogues replacing the traditional ones – even when trade shows definitively return fully to a face-to-face version.

“Six years ago, the entrepreneur began exploring digitization processes in the fashion sector in France, collaborating with brands such as Hermès, Dior or Saint Laurent. The goal is to transform traditional catalogues into digital replicas, with 3D simulations of the samples and shareable over the Internet”, explains the text.

The system allows “to reduce the costs and resources used in the prototyping process, and accelerate the entry of new products into the market”.

The company employs five permanent workers, and collaborates with freelancers from around the world to provide its services and workshops. The newspaper highlights that, in March, SampLess established a partnership with Swatchbook, one of the largest marketplaces in the world, specialized in digitization, and that has clients such as Nike, New Balance and Puma. Located in Porto, the company expects to reach a turnover of half a million euros.