July 8th 24



Riopele was elected Sustainability Champion by RePreve, which distinguishes entities representing brands, retailers and textile partners that keep plastic bottles out of the waste stream by using their recycled fibre.

“This award is the recognition of the immense development of fabrics using recycled polyester fibre, which gives us immense satisfaction,” says Albertina Reis, technical and materials director, quoted in an announcement. The Pousada de Saramago company has recycled 53.6 million plastic bottles and was mentioned in the category of textile partners with over 50 million bottles transformed.

Among the winners of over a billion transformed bottles are brands such as Nike, Polartec and Walmart. Nike alone was responsible for more than three billion bottles.

In the category of brands with more than 10 million bottles transformed are other well-known brands such as Gap, Levis Strauss, The North Face and Under Armour. Since 2007, RePreve has transformed millions of tonnes of recycled plastic bottles into polyester using cutting-edge textile technology.