October 26th, 23



Riopele wants to reinforce investment in renewable energy through a partnership with EDP: a new 4.5MWp photovoltaic installation, which will guarantee greater energy independence and more sustainable energy consumption – a strategic option for the group.

The monitoring and maintenance of this solar plant will be the responsibility of EDP Comercial, chosen by Riopele for a 15-year partnership. In addition to installing solar panels on the roof, EDP Comercial is also installing photovoltaic modules on the facade of the building and in the car park to maximize solar use in that location and the benefits for Riopele. Overall, this project is estimated to avoid the emission of more than a thousand tons of CO2 per year.

“This partnership with EDP and the production of photovoltaic energy for self-consumption are another step in Riopele’s strategy. It allows us to accelerate our pace of decarbonization, contributing to environmental sustainability. At the same time, we reduced our dependence on external factors and the consequent fluctuations in one of our main operating costs, bringing predictability and stability to the business”, highlighted José Alexandre Oliveira, President of the Board of Directors of Riopele, on the official website of the company

With more than seven thousand solar panels installed, Riopele will have a total renewable energy production of 5.7 GWh per year, a significant step towards increasing the use of clean energy in its production processes and reducing dependence on the energy grid.

Another investment in this area has already allowed renewable and sustainable energy sources to increase from 27% to 60% of the total energy consumption of Riopele in the space of one year.