Novembro 12 21

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes


In a year that put weddings, christenings and other ceremonies on indefinite pause, San Martin, a company specialized in fabrics and accessories for haute couture, decided to invest in printed fabrics, a very different segment from its core business, in order to deal with the drop in sales caused by the pandemic.

A strategy that allowed the company to keep its head over water, and whose success dictated the entry into the San Martin’s portfolio.

“The prints open doors to a more varied market, so we decided to create this line and turn the business from the ceremony to the “chic” segment. We were satisfied with the result, and are going to keep it in our portfolio. We can only win”, guarantees Nuno Lemos, Co-Owner of SanMartin.

Alongside this new bet, the company is also leaving its mark on sustainable production by investing in chiffons and sustainable satins, and by introducing cotton lace and macramé in the haute couture and bridal lines.