July 8th 24



At the July edition of Première Vision Paris, which took place from the 2nd to the 4th in Nord Villepinte, around 40 nationalities were represented, including Portugal. Familitex took part in what Ana Araújo describes as “the heart of a unique ecosystem of international textile fairs” with the aim of solidifying and expanding the company’s presence on the foreign market through quality and innovative products.

“In this autumn/winter collection we are presenting a premium collection based on wool, both 100% wool and blends. We are also presenting a collection of knitwear with hemp and a 100% orange viscose knit, which offers biodegradability, breathability, comfort and softness,” said the head of the innovation, design and marketing department. Within the performance area, Familitex has another collection of knitwear with special finishes, both in yarn and finished knit.

Modelmalhas was also very expectant. “The last edition of Première Vision was very interesting,” Cidália Senra, from the sales department, told T Jornal. The new collection is based on the word ‘Transition’ as a reflection of the changes we see every day – “both in the type of products, which are increasingly responsible, and in the possibility of personalisation, where we give customers the freedom to colour their own knitwear”. Modelmalhas identified the European market as the target market to be strengthened, especially in the higher segments.

Texser also gave positive feedback to T Jornal, they have made new contacts and some are already in development. “We’re presenting new flannels with new blends of Tencel,” says Paulo Loureiro. The commercial director believes that they are at a stage where “all markets are to be strengthened”, pointing to the Japanese and American markets as targets. “We still have a long way to go in repositioning the company on the international market,” he says.

Lemar is one of the companies with a long tradition of participating in PV. According to Rita Fonseca from the export department: “This continued presence not only reinforces the brand, but also complements the commercial dynamic throughout the year with our customers. We are confident that our strong commitment to excellence and innovation will continue to drive our performance and create long-term value.” The company highlighted to T Jornal the renewed offer of fabrics produced with raw materials with a lower environmental impact, in response to growing demand.

WonderRaw is impressed with the number of contacts generated at previous editions of PV and has returned to “inspire and empower more entrepreneurs to launch their own fully customised casualwear clothing lines”, says Luís Oliveira, CEO.

The focus for this event was on the European markets, with special emphasis on the UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia. “These regions have shown a remarkable appetite for innovation and quality in the fashion industry.” In terms of offer, the special highlight was the recently introduced oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Siena was also present: “What we presented tried to cover a broad spectrum of needs for the customers visiting this fair. For example, reinterpretations of timeless circular knitwear models, such as t-shirts, polos, sweats, adding production features or sustainable materials, new finishes and new techniques,” describes Ricardo Ferreira, CEO. This is complemented by activewear and more pieces in ‘chaine et trame’, “i.e. fabrics from weaving mills present in PV”.