October 26th, 23



The Portugal Fashion event has fostered a fashion culture and brought a paradigm shift with regard to the national textile and clothing sector through a concerted strategy of bringing industry and creators closer together. On the 13th, the fashion event marked this approach with the iTechStyle Green Circle fashion show, which aimed to highlight the potential of Portuguese companies in the ​​sustainability area.

This time, the Green Circle, an initiative led by CITEVE in partnership with ASM, was not a static exhibition on mannequins but rather with real models who wore pieces, some of them “made with materials used in the manufacture of home textiles, like comforters.” Braz Costa, general director of CITEVE, in conversation with T Jornal after the premiere of the parade, recalled the project purpose: “The objective is clear. Firstly, transmit this information in Portugal: it is possible to create fashion with sustainable materials. Soon after achieving this goal, we decided that we were in a position to take it to international markets and say: Portugal is a country of origin for sustainable fashion”.

“We are not talking strictly about a fashion show, but rather a fashion show that aims to convey a message”. In this context, said Braz Costa, “we have to find a creative way to meet these two expectations. It has to be a fashion show, but it has to be a show that has the ability to communicate the Portuguese ability to produce sustainable fashion. Therefore, we think Portugal Fashion is an interesting channel to reach certain specialties of Portuguese society. This idea that sustainability is not the enemy of fashion, but on the contrary: it is something that, properly articulated, is the future.”