November, 11th 22
Home Textiles



“Probably the Best Partner” was the motto that led to the creation of the PBP Effect in 2012. The agency merged to create and promote the home textile sector. Namely to fill its gaps and develop creative design, graphic design, product design, and digital content. At the moment, PBP has on its list of clients names such as Têxteis Penedo, Grupo Impetus, or Grupo Lasa.

“It is a more specialized agency in the core business: home textiles”, but it also works with fashion, clothing, footwear, furniture, and decor, says Ana Félix, founder and director of the company, to T Jornal. This work in other segments resulted mainly from the need to structure and expand the business since the home textile sector “has peaks and fluctuations due to the focus on presence at fairs”, explains Ana Félix.

In its core business, the founder and director emphasize that PBP is “a specialist in the production of specific content, because – given its decade of experience – they do not forget the characteristics of fabrics and the light needed to demonstrate their best quality”. In all the activity segments, they tell a story – where they consider the inspiration for the development of collections – through a campaign that ranges from the production of a catalog to digital communication work (photography and video).

“Who doesn’t tell a story doesn’t sell”, Ana Félix points out, which is why PBP works to sell the product, integrating it into a story that involves the buyer in the sense of advertising and selling it. Photography, styling, and decoration are the areas of expertise: photography focus on the capture itself, as well as in its preparation and logistics; styling focus on product design, graphic design, environment, and lifestyle to present the products; and decor consider the B2C, the stands for fairs, the environment creation and the commercial areas and offices.

With the development of social networks and e-commerce, there was also a need to develop and focus more on digital content. Sometimes, “it is necessary to achieve a creative flow of 1,500 images per week”, reveals Ana Félix. Therefore, PBP presents the necessary speed, effectiveness, and efficiency through a multidisciplinary team that creates the “effect” that companies need.

With a team of specialists that includes designers, photographers, architects, and styling teams such as Farfetch, PBP is headquartered and has a studio in Porto. With an online page, PBP Effect executes the “concept, production, and launch of the company challenge in the shortest possible time”, concludes the founder and director of the company.