October, 28th 2022



Paolo Zegna, an influential figure in the Italian textile and clothing sector, said in an interview with T Jornal that “the consumer will have to pay a fee to reuse recyclable products”. Thus, a sense of responsibility is essential, and “sustainability has to be thought of collectively”, explains the non-executive director of Ermenegildo Zegna and vice-president of the Board of Altagamma.

Sustainability is “a key word for everyone, and in Italy, this process of responsibility in the clothing collection and use that reaches the end of its life is still being understood”. On a more global level, Paolo Zegna believes that producer responsibility will eventually put an extra price on production.

Zegna recalls that, on the other hand, “energy is something basic, and without it, we cannot do anything”. Effectively, Europe’s energy dependence situation makes us “pay that cost” – and in this context, whether it’s Portugal or Italy or any other country, the path is independence “so that we don’t always have a gun pointed at us”, emphasizes Paolo Zegna.

Independence is fundamental: “either we save energy and cut consumption, or we need more energy”, he declares. Also, alternative sources must be considered: “wind, solar, nuclear, everything, as technological evolution will also guarantee their efficiency”.

Furthermore, the director of Ermenegildo Zegna sees the existence of a ceiling on the price of energy as an added value, “evidently subsidized by the European Union as there are many companies that will disappear”.

Paolo Zegna guarantees that, in Italy, the process is not dependent on a single sector: “we are the ones pushing the Italian government, and it is talking to the European government and trying to find a common solution for all”.

In the hope that this crisis will end, the knowledge is that others are to come. Flexibility is equally essential for “each country to try to balance and compensate. The country behind has to run faster, and the one ahead will continue to have to run”, and opportunities “will arise for those who run faster”, concludes Paolo Zegna.

Paolo Zegna was present as a participant in the 10th Euratex Convention and 24th Textile Industry Forum that took place in Porto. Next year, the meeting of the European Federation will be in Finland.