September 28th, 23



Pangaia, a British startup focused on materials science, partnered with the British restaurant chain Wagamama to recycle employees’ old t-shirts to transform them into a line of hoodies for the restaurant chain, using its partnership with RDD in Portugal.

“We are the partner that develops textile materials, and we use our Valérius 360 factory for this recycling”, tells Ana Tavares, CEO of RDD, to T Jornal. The new uniforms will help reduce the ecological footprint: made from cotton fibers grown without pesticides and treated with PPRMINT. PPRMINT is a peppermint vegetable oil that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. As a result, the fabric needs fewer washes, saving water and energy. “PPRMINT is a finish that we make on knitwear, and which is a registered trademark of Pangaia”, explains Ana Tavares.

In addition to employees, the limited edition hoodies can also be used by Wagamama customers, who will have the opportunity to participate in several initiatives next year. “We are excited to join forces with Wagamama, driving their journey towards sustainability and circularity. Our collaboration not only highlights the potential for a circular ecosystem across industries but also sets a precedent for other brands to join the movement as we design a positive future for the planet – together,” says Eva Kruse, Director of Pangaia Global Involvement, in a statement.

“Collaborations like Wagamama’s with Pangaia are remarkable in promoting these changes. When the scientific objective and design are combined, the message transmitted, it is possible to create fashion in another way”, concludes Ana Tavares in the internal promotion video.