May 23rd 2024
iTechStyle Summit



Oldtrading unveiled new leggings made from cellulose yarns at the iTechStyle Summit. Francisco Pinheiro, technical director of research and product engineering, said enthusiastically: ‘the challenge was to replace synthetic yarns with yarns of cellulose origin without compromising the elasticity values and recovery capacity of the garment, and we have succeeded in this a few days ago. It’s worth changing the synthetics, it’s worth the effort of the whole team, I’m very proud of it.’

‘Oldtrading has been working towards sustainability for several years, we replaced the taps, we installed solar panels on the roof of the premises, it was all worth it,’ he continued.
As part of the be@t bioeconomy project, the piece of garment will now be improved and later incorporated into a digital product passport, so that consumers can choose the piece based on its impact on the environment.

Leggings are just one of three items that Oldtrading intends to make with cellulose yarns. They are the three best-selling items made by the company specialising in seamless fabrics. A t-shirt and boxer shorts are the next ambitions for the company run by Rui Gordalina.