August 31st, 23



Oldtrading is preparing its participation in MODTISSIMO, which will take place on the 13th and 14th of September at Exponor, to combat the downturn in the market. It’s the second participation and the company led by Rui Gordalina hopes to establish contacts with “potential German and Nordic customers”.

“Northern European countries are, by definition, very demanding about service, but at the same time loyal and understanding with the quality/price ratio, hence our appetite for these markets”, says the CEO in statements to T Jornal, highlighting that a salon textile is a place full of “dynamics and opportunities” resulting from the growing number of visitors.

“As long as the causes are not drastically minimized or persist (high-interest rates and inflation), it affects the purchasing capacity of consumers in Europe, most companies will continue to struggle to survive, in the almost desperate expectation that the economic recovery arises”, adds Rui Gordalina in the form of a warning.

“In addition to the harmful operational and financial impacts being very difficult to bear, especially when prolonged, as is now the case, there is even more uncertainty that entrepreneurs have to live with, postponing or even eliminating the investments that they usually and their companies regularly do”, says.

The company specializing in articles with seamless technology has in its portfolio the production of sports articles with characteristics of thermoregulation, hydroregulation, localized compression, anti-odors, and others; modeling items with localized compression, and push-up functionalities; and casual and maternity items.