June 04 21



The Portuguese MTEX NS and the Japanese multinational Konica Miniolta Europe signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the European markets of NS MULTI, a made in Portugal digital water-based ink jet on cardboard technology, developed and manufactured by MTEX.

The agreement was signed last January by the two companies. This model is also marketed in the American market exclusively by Konica Minolta since 2019.

NS MULTI answers to a wide range of needs and markets, with a special highlight on the e-commerce segment, which due to pandemic has grown exponentially. A trend that has come to stay, according to indicators shared by the most diverse specialists in the sector, informs MTEX NS.

Elói Ferreira, CEO of MTEX NS, quoted in a company statement, said that “this technology is the perfect solution to create packaging designs and mock-ups for fast execution, helping not only to improve the company’s response time, but also to reduce waste”.

For Elói Ferreira, “this cooperation with Konica Minolta will bring significant benefits to customers. Over the past decade, MTEX NS has developed a strong reputation for quality and innovation, simultaneously and continuously expanding its services and global presence on more than 40 countries on five continents”.