August 17th, 23



After several successful participations in Playtime Paris, the Portuguese children’s fashion brand Möm(e) conquered an audience at Playtime New York from the 30th of July to the 1st of August. “We have always been in Paris. This year, we completed five years of the brand, and decided to take the leap, look for agents for the American market and new customers”, told T Jornal, Inês Camaño Garcia, founder.

“The first two days went very well. We received a lot of people at the stand, although the fair had fewer people than expected. For the first time in New York, we are fulfilling what we set out to do: we have already managed to attract clients, and we are closing an agent”, said the founder.

Möm(e) took a risk with new products in its portfolio for the debut. In the spring-summer 2024 collection, in addition to new colors and models, it took “a formal line with a more timeless design and lace”. This sober capsule collection with a romantic touch has already shown potential: “it was being very well received, along with the pieces with the monogram of the brand and the handmade knits”, commented Inês Camaño.

Asked about the demand for what is sustainable, the person in charge admits that “people do not stop at the stand because it is organic, the price is also important, but the people who buy from us are concerned that the pieces last over time and can be passed on from generation to generation”.