September 7th, 23



After a short hiatus, Trimalhas decided to consolidate its return to MODTISSIMO: “We have already participated in MODTISSIMO for several years. The previous edition exceeded expectations, and we couldn’t be more satisfied”, said Joana Forte, responsible for the Innovation & Design department at Trimalhas to T Jornal. For September, the goal of the knitwear specialist is “once again to reinforce its place as an experienced, qualitative, and reliable Portuguese knitter”.

To this end, in this issue, “we highlight the Where to now? Collection developed for autumn/winter 2024/2025. It focuses on four themes: sustainability, performance, fashion, and premium. The goal is always to innovate and improve, and we can highlight some qualities such as the jacquard jersey with vegan softener or the mushroom viscose interlock”, revealed the designer.

MODTISSIMO is an event that brings together the national textile family and increasingly international companies: “We know that the vast majority of the market participating in this event is Portuguese, and we are delighted to welcome you. However, we have been noticing a growing international market presence, which only reinforces the belief in the positioning of ‘made in Portugal’”.

“As usual, we launched a newsletter for regular customers where we confirm our presence in this next edition of MODTISSIMO. We believe that we will have visits from many friendly faces, and we are looking forward to the new potential customers”, said Joana Forte about the established contacts.

As for its positioning at the fair, it is with satisfaction that Joana Forte recognizes that “it is favorable since we already have end customers that we work with who usually visit us to see news, and we always have the perspective of attracting new customers with innovative knits”.