September 7th, 23



Regular presence for six years, Lima & Companhia is at another edition of MODTISSIMO, confident of a positive final result. “Since participating in the fair, our assessment has been very positive. The evolution is notable, and it is remarkable that being one of the most important textile fairs, it maintains its focus on praising what is best produced in Portugal and taking ‘made in Portugal’ further”, said Márcia Cortinhas, commercial director of the company, to T Jornal.

With the concern of bringing to the event a little of everything done at Lima & Companhia over more than four decades, Márcia Cortinhas revealed that it is always a great challenge “since we have such a wide range of products, knits, and textures and different types of customers.” “We try to adjust according to the season and trends to present a cohesive product line that identifies us and meets the trends.”

Furthermore, “we always like to incorporate some key pieces in every edition that so well represent the fact that fashion is cyclical and sustainable”, explained the commercial director, who added: “To top it off, the pieces from our new collection, developed by our styling department, which works to ensure we have new products all year round, every month”.

With contacts and meetings already scheduled, Márcia Cortinhas states: “we already have several good clients that we attracted in previous editions that continue to grow and remain loyal to the various editions of MODTISSIMO. Having a fair where Portuguese companies design is essential”, acknowledges. And, for this edition, “we hope to grow in the Nordic market so we are confident in some contacts at this fair”.