August 31st, 23



The thread and yarn company Adifafe, a producer of trimmings and accessories for the textile industry, wants to pursue the challenge of increasing its exposure to international markets – a strategy in which its participation in MODTISSIMO has proven crucial. For September and back to the event, the positioning is clear: “Diversify markets to guarantee independence”, explained Carlos Vaz, consultant for the international area.

“Our participation over these years in MODTISSIMO we feel that it has been a reaffirmation of the company both in the national and international market. Since Adifafe is a regional company, from the moment we started in the event, we began to be recognized”, acknowledged Carlos Vaz.

For the September edition, expectations are high: “Despite the current difficulties in the market, we know that the countries of central Europe are looking at us with different eyes. I remember when the Portuguese were known for producing t-shirts and tracksuits, and they even turned our heads. Currently, it is the bet: now we go to a fair, and they even extend a red carpet to us when they see that it is a Portuguese person”.

“Many customers who used to produce far away are now turning to Portugal, and we have to take advantage. At this moment and given the current context, the market in central Europe has the best potential for us, namely Germany, as it is a market that is leaving the production it had in Asia. Moreover, they are moving that production to southern Europe. We even have an important German customer who comes to the fair and then goes to our company”, he added.

The two thousand colors that it manages to offer in its lines, as well as the threads, ribbons, cords, elastics, and zippers, make up the range of products that Adifafe offers its customers, in addition to a line of textile accessories that can go from sewing needles to glues and machine maintenance products.

“The fact that we have this diversity of offers means that there is always a product that is coming out, which in times of crisis like now is an added value for us”, explained the consultant. Adding: “We made a large investment in machinery, of one million euros, through the Norte 2020 project, which allows us to have a better quality”.

“Indirectly, we export around 90% of our production because most customers work for Inditex”. According to Carlos Vaz, the following steps are to “continue to internationalize, hold more fairs and diversify markets, so that we don’t become dependent”.