Novembro 26 21

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes


Denim specialist Troficolor Denim Makers has just launched a denim line in earth tones, dyed with minerals. A process that, the company guarantees, in addition to giving unique colours to the fabrics, is completely free of chemical products, and, consequently, uses less water and energy in the dyeing process.

The line goes by the name of Colour Denim Mineral Dyeing, and is entirely made with 100% organic cotton. The process begins by dyeing the yarn with clay-based mineral dyes, and after the fabric is finished, it receives a natural dye coating to fix the colour, explains Troficolor Denim Makers.

This process, which is shorter and does not use harmful chemicals, saves around 80% of water when compared to normal dyeing. It also only uses natural bio-resins and enzymes, which are safer for the skin, guarantees the company.

Besides this line, Troficolor Denim Makers has a wide range of sustainable offer, such as the Ecru line, which, as the name shows, provides the fabric in its natural state, ready to use. All dyeing processes are eliminated, saving water, energy, chemicals, and emitting less CO2.

Eco Denim, on the other hand, presents itself as ready-to-wear denim, which means that after the garment is made, there is no need to wash it, saving water, energy and chemicals. The finish product is also unique: the technique gives the fabric a non-uniform finish, and, therefore, unrepeatable appearance.