June 27th 24



As the fair approaches, Milano Unica is launching more and more references on the Milano e-Connect platform. Portuguese companies such as Luís Azevedo & Filhos, Lemar, Somelos, CFM, Riopele, Fitecom and Paulo de Oliveira have been mentioned.

With abstract art as its theme and based on traces of a canvas, the organisation highlighted a reference in recycled wool and recycled polyamide by Luís Azevedo & Filhos. “A Luís Azevedo & Filhos shirt roughens up a curious encounter of full-bodied pastels thrown to the surface,” reads the website.

As for the Lemar selection, the motto was negative colours: “on the edge of a lake, the magenta trees reflect in scarlet water like a Lemar fabric”. The item in question is 100 per cent recycled.

As for Somelos, MU opted for a product that mixes cotton and wool: “a vintage taste prizes the plaids of a Somelos fabric when you see the car models in pastel colours”. The basic theme in this case was the art of collecting.

This was followed by Rotterdam as the inspiration for choosing CFM/RDD with its 100 per cent merino wool fabric. “A slide interrupts the orderly module of windows, a light blue jacquard shirt from CFM/RDD seems to reproduce it with tenderness.”

The pair Riopele and Fitecom were referenced in the Bee House inspiration. “A touch of royal jelly enclosed in cells, in the sunset light it’s as golden as the lightest honey, it is like a Riopele creation. Human beings and bees have always gone hand in hand, a collaboration with sweet and precious results, amber like a Fitecom fabric,” reads the introductory note.

Finally, Paulo de Oliveira presents a fabric with a herringbone pattern that “exudes confidence during a business meeting on board”. The inspirational motto in this case is private service.