June 4th 2024



Milano Unica takes over Rho Fiera Milano from 9 to 11 July, but promotion of the fair already began online last May through e-Milano Unica Connect, an online marketplace for textile accessories and clothing, created in collaboration with Pitti Imagine. Among the inspirations already launched and highlights made by the organization are Portuguese references.

Troficolor Denim Makers is the latest inclusion, with the motto ‘Made to Measure’. ‘The most sustainable item of all is handmade, customized to last a lifetime. You should start from the measurements to make a Troficolor denim jacket,’ it suggests.

Casa da Malha and Magma Têxtil are also featured, but with the theme ‘Roofs’. ‘At night the houses overlook a purplish-blue sea that colours the Magma Têxtil velvet. The next morning the camouflage pattern of Casa da Malha took on the warm grey of the buildings of a historic city,’ it reads.

In turn, I.T.J.V Textiles is associated with touch – ‘Touch’. ‘In the imaginative power of touch, an I.T.J.V Textiles fabric evokes angular geometries that merge together,’ is announced.

Finally, Polopiqué takes on collegiate inspirations – ‘College’. ‘Facades of imposing historic buildings with square blocks of beige and brown marble are reminiscent of Polopiqué fabrics,’ it reads.

Other national companies on the platform include Albano Morgado, Brito Knitting, CFM, Fitecom, Isla, Lemar, Paulo de Oliveira, Penteadora, Riopele, Somelos, TMG Textiles and Trimalhas.