July 30 21
Circular Economy



The ATP is aware of the dangers associated with textiles coming from outside the European Union, a problem that could worsen with the European Strategy for Sustainable Textiles. The solution, says the president of ATP, is to demand from imported products the same circular economy requirements that will be placed on the products made in the European Union. “We cannot have a clean Europe and a dirty world”, warns Mário Jorge Machado.

In addition to the competitiveness problem, which has long been faced regarding products coming from countries without any kind of sustainability requirements, the ATP leader warns of the consequences of the new rules that will be enforced in the EU as of 2025, when the incineration of textiles will be prohibited and their recycling mandatory.

“We will be introducing imported textiles with heavy metals into the chain, spreading harmful chemicals to hundreds of others pieces”, concludes the president of the ATP.

Mário Jorge Machado fears, on the other hand, that “the non-polluting rules placed on the European industry will affect its competitiveness”, especially compared to Asian production. For the president, the solution is to adopt measures identical to those enforced in the automotive sector: if a manufacturer wants to sell their cars in Europe, has to comply with the same safety criteria practised within the EU.