July 02 21

António Moreira Gonçalves


A specialist in the production of sewing threads, the Portuguese company Lipaco is betting on sustainability. “Nowadays, the majority of customers are only interested in sustainable products, and the others are starting to shift towards this new market policy”, explains Jorge Pereira, CEO of the company, which recently had its sustainable innovation recognized.

Having invested, over the last few years, in new equipment, and in the production of technical and sustainable fibres, Lipaco has now a catalogue in which recycled fibres, both in polyester or polyamide, are the stars. “Customers are now more aware, and this implies looking for alternatives to virgin fibres, which with each new production drain our planet’s resources”, explains the CEO.

A commitment to sustainable innovation that has been recognized at various levels. An example is Recyarn 2 – a 99% recycled polyamide yarn produced from scraps from the company’s main production cycle –, which has just been selected as one of the finalists for the iTechStyle Awards 2021.

Sustainable innovation has been for several years one of Lipaco’s bets, but now the market is increasingly changing its habits. “There are customers who are only looking for this type of product, and in the future they will be even more. The market knows that this is an almost inevitable change”, reiterates Jorge Pereira.