August 17th, 23



Part of a general investment of around 15 million euros in several production fronts, JF Almeida has just invested 900,000 euros in its production capacity, with the new Bruckner branch acquisition that will allow average productions of 80 meters per minute.

Home textiles from Moreira de Cónegos says on its platforms that “the new Bruckner 10-pitch ramula is equipped with the most advanced technology to respond to the varied and high levels of demand of our customers”. The machine is known for its high production quality, in addition to its energy efficiency, which makes it more sustainable.

In addition to this investment, there are others, with a total value of 15 million, for a new textile finishing line that started to take its first steps at the beginning of this year. “The investment includes an Osthoff-Senge gas machine with a pre-treatment line acquisition, a washing machine, a Benninger dye Foulard and two Jigger MCS. It also adds a Calanda Guarneri Technology, a double card and blade set from Lafer, and a wide range of laboratory equipment that will support quality control”, announces Rádio Vizela in March of this year.

JF Almeida has made a remarkable investment in the dyeing sector to make it one of the largest in Europe. “The piece dyeing, with a production capacity of over a thousand tons per month, has 23 jets, high pressure machines, and a reduced bath ratio. The yarn dyeing plant, with a monthly production of more than 330 tons, has 32 state-of-the-art machines with low bath ratio and high pressure”, notes on Linkedin.