April 22 22



Focusing on an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly production, Inarbel is moving forward with a technology project that will drastically reduce water consumption in the laundry process. “With 50 or 100 litres of water, we are going to do the same thing that now costs us thousands of litres”, explains CEO José Armindo Ferraz, who bets on the importance of technological innovation as a decisive factor for energy savings and environmental improvement.

“I spend thousands of litres of water per day. With dry cleaners, laundries and boilers, textiles are the second largest sector in terms of water consumption, which is why the introduction of new methods and technologies is decisive. We are now investing in new laundry machines that allows us to produce the same amount using only 25, 50 or 100 litres of water”, explained the businessman.

Savings that, in addition to water, also represent less energy consumption and less environmental pollution, highlights the CEO of Inarbel who, once again, warned about the uncontrolled energy costs. “I just received an invoice, and from the eight thousand euros we paid in the previous months, it went up to 28 thousand euros. It is unbearable for the companies,” he concluded.

In addition to the laundry, which works in two shifts, and to the boilers that are working 24 hours a day, the path to environmental efficiency also involves the installation of solar panels for energy production, and LED lighting in all facilities.