November 9th, 23



Celebrating 50 years in December, the Impetus underwear factory expects a turnover of 45 million euros this year and aims to reach the United States and Scandinavia, even if expectations for 2024 are cautious and unpredictable compared to the surroundings.

Given the uncertainty in the market, Ricardo Figueiredo, vice president of Impetus, revealed in an interview with Lusa that “clients are all very apprehensive. We feel this not only in our customers but also in the suppliers of other customers because the dye house also supplies other manufacturers. Therefore, what will happen in 2024 is still very unpredictable”, says the vice president, noting that 2021 and 2022 were the “best years ever” for Impetus.

Currently, exporting 95% of its production and present in 35 countries, Impetus reveals that the plan for the future involves being in fewer markets in a more impactful way. Therefore, they have a campaign in Portugal, Spain, and France, where they will continue to bet.

Focused on innovation, such as the technology to reuse fabric waste to make more underwear, such as recycled pajamas, the outlast technology is at the top innovations from the company. Initially developed by NASA, it regulates the temperature through capsules placed in the fabric thread and creates undershirts capable of regulating the temperature of the human body. This undershirt joins so many others presented on the international market.

With a turnover of 44 million euros recorded in 2021 and, in 2022, a value exceeding 50 million euros, forecasts for 2023 are to reach 45 million euros. Now, the plans include continuing to reinforce and invest in sustainability and transparency in the value chain, as well as the automation and digitalization of processes and innovation with the launch of new products with remarkable added value.