June 18 21



Created last year with the goal of being a global brand, the Portuguese Greenin was born to bring a more sustainable side to the sportswear market. The raw materials are organic or recycled, originating from industrial or textile waste, such as recycled polyester and polyamide.

The polyester is Portuguese and the polyamide is recycled in Italy, “through a high temperature process, without the addition of chemicals, which saves energy and water, compared to normal polyamide”, explains CCO Pedro Graça.

The environmental care is not limited to the materials: Greenin also stands out for the enzymatic treatment it gives pieces. According to CEO Cristina Almeida, “enzymes can replace several chemical components that improve various aspects of knits and fabrics. However, it does not pollute since at the end of the process they are deactivated”.

To save even more resources, the company abolished labels, printing all the information on the fabric itself. Greenin also embraced compostable packaging, made of biopolymer, biological corn and wheat straw.

The garments are produced in small quantities using DTG printing, also known as Silk Digital, which “does not require printing frames, and uses a special ink, specific for cotton fabrics with water-based pigments”.

The first steps towards internationalization will be taken in the Croatian market, but Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain are also part of the brand’s expansion plan.