August 5th 2022



It is one of the tentacles of the Sustainable Fashion From Portugal project, promoted by ATP to increase the voice of the Portuguese industry and its sustainable textiles in foreign markets. Officially, the Green Book was presented at Première Vision. The book reflects on the tradition combined with the innovation that sets the national textile and clothing industry apart. 

“It was to make known to the world some of the best practices, initiatives, and ongoing projects in the Portuguese textile and clothing industry that through ATP, the Sustainable Fashion From Portugal Project: Fashion Industry’s New Chic, is part of this Green Book”, explains Mário Jorge Machado, ATP president, for whom “Portugal is the epicenter of sustainable production of textiles and clothing in Europe and the World”.

Curated by Paulo Gomes from Manifesto Moda, the “Green Book” wants to highlight precisely this aspect of tradition combined with innovation that is the hallmark of national ITV. “We wanted to transmit the national identity, not only our know-how but also our identity that combines tradition with innovation”, explains Paulo Gomes. For this purpose, Paulo Gomes anchored part of the magazine in three relevant products and projects: yarn with cork, vegetable skins using grapes, and wool/burel.

“In this way, we can enhance our industry from yarns to production and processes and, finally, to recycling, to close the cycle”, says Paulo Gomes, realizing that the Green Book is intended not only for the players in the global textile sector but also the final consumer.

“Portugal is one of the main textile and clothing producers in Europe, where customers from all over the world find the right partner. Trust, mutual benefit, and added value offer are the ingredients of a lasting business relationship. Then, the product and the service complement each other in a differentiating output”, considers Mário Jorge Machado regarding the launch of this new ATP project that you can find out in full here and through the QR Code.