June 26 20



The innovative MOxAd-Tech has just received from France a certification for 50 washing cycles, and has outperformed even the best expectations of its manufacturer. The opening of the French market and the results obtained during the tests by the certifying entity will trigger the selling prospects of a production that is able to reach 100 thousand daily units.

“We are certain that this is the best mask in the world”, declares the CEO of Adalberto, Susana Serrano, uplifted by the results coming from the IFTH – Institut Français du Textile e de l’Habillement. After testing for 50 washes, the official certifying entity of Paris confirmed that the mask maintains a 100% particle retention rate and a breathability of 230 Pascal, when in France the minimum required is 100 Pascal.

“Remarkable, if we consider there are masks in the market with which users have trouble breathing after a minute”, boasts Susana Serrano, adding that MOxAd-Tech is covered with the brand’s innovative antimicrobial coating both on the outer and inner layers, protecting against bacteria and viruses. “Furthermore, we also apply a finishing on the inner layer that manages humidity”, explains the CEO of Adalberto.

Spawned from a cooperation project that gathered Adalberto Estampados and Sonae (on the industrial side) and CITEVE, Instituto de Medicina Molecular da Universidade de Lisboa and Universidade do Minho (on the research side), the MOxAd-Tech mask was one of the first masks to obtain CITEVE certification.