July 22nd 23



The Portuguese brand Foursoul wanted to anticipate the arrival of summer with two new collections: Travel Desert and Coast Breeze. The first is inspired by the scorching desert temperatures, the other by the refreshing and liberating sea breeze. Both are already available and an ideal option for the hottest season.

The Travel Desert collection invites you to embark on a journey through African countries, where landscapes and textures – with a strong safari influence – are portrayed in the pieces of the Portuguese brand. The raw materials, such as rayon and linen, add the dry touch typical of this climate and provide the necessary lightness and freshness for hotter days. Earthy and pastel tones dominate, along with animal print returning as the dominant pattern, in a new composition that mixes some tropical elements.

The Coast Breeze, on the other hand, comes with a maritime inspiration, with a fresher and more relaxed mood, where the organic shapes and lacy textures result in loose and relaxed silhouettes, ideal for hot summer days. Crochet, crepe fabric, and mesh pieces dominate the brand’s proposals. The key colors are also inspired by the beach elements and the sea and vary between the green of the seaweed, the sand ocher, and the coral orange.