Novembro 12 21



A specialist in sportswear, underwear and swimwear production, FLM Têxtil has just obtained the ISO 9001 certification, the most widely used standard worldwide, and an international reference for Quality Management Systems Certification. To the company, this is an important step in the path to amount, by 2026, a turnover of five million euros, and to reach the one hundred employees mark.

According to Filipe Marinho, leader and founder, FLM Têxtil also plans to move its facilities to a space “that is ours, and that is open to whoever wants to enjoy it, thus creating a connection with the community where we operate. Furthermore, we want it to be a building that fits in with nature, and conveys our mission and vision”. The change will make possible to add the packaging, distribution, logistics and brand management sectors to the company’s internal activities, which will allow for an estimated sales volume of around five million euros.

After having started a partnership with the University of Minho to implement the requirements of the ‘Global Recycled Standard’ certification, and ensure that all products are made with minimum impact on the environment, FLM Têxtil now obtained the ISO 9001 certification, “which ensures the consistency and improvement of work practices, including the products made and services provided”, states the company in a statement.

About to celebrate ten years of existence, FLM Têxtil has evolved since 2016 from 7 to 28 employees, and from a sales volume of 907 thousand euros to an estimated 1.7 million in 2021. Initially manufacturing conceptual underwear, FLM Têxtil added swimwear and technical sports items to its portfolio, and began to internally ensure the product development, manufacturing and cutting process.

In the short and medium term, FLM Têxtil will continue with the GRS and GOTS certification processes, and will intensify production control and monitoring systems, as well as Information and Business Intelligence.