June 4th 2024
European Elections



Fitexar made an early commitment to sustainability, and in a brief comment on the European Union’s measures for circular textiles, with the European elections approaching, António Alexandre Falcão from the board of directors calls for ‘common sense’ from decision-makers in defending the European industry.

‘The EU must try to protect the European economy, some rules are harmful to companies and if they continue, they will lead to unfair competition,’ says the young entrepreneur. ‘I think the re-industrialization of Europe is the way forward,’ he points out.

The company was one of the first to obtain GRS certification for its products and is now investing more in biological fibres: ‘we already work with continuous filament biobased fibres, with synthetic behaviour and very similar performance’. António Alexandre points out the need to inform consumers that sustainability comes with a price and that these types of yarns end up being more expensive.

Still on its green agenda, Fitexar is part of the Blue Bioeconomy project, due to be finalized next year. ‘The aim in our case is to recover polyamide nets, recycle them and make yarn again. We play a very important role in this consortium, as we are responsible for spinning and extruding the recycled polymer from these fishing nets,’ he says.