July 19 21

Mariana d'Orey


Specialized in the import of lace and embroidery, R Maia is now betting on communicating directly with both Portuguese and international fashion brands. The company’s new strategy is a direct result of the changes enforced by the pandemic.

“The pandemic forced us to be faster and more efficient”, says the managing partner Raul Maia (photo), who feels that this is the key moment for the company to bet on new strategies and get closer to the fashion brands. “Times change, and wills change”, he summarizes.

With that goal in mind, R Maia, which provides lace and embroidery for Portuguese private label companies, is developing a new strategy and communication plan. “If the brands know us, they can ask the manufacturers to buy our products”, he explains.

With a 26-year-old history, R Maia is specialized in importing lace and embroidery, and essentially supplies the Portuguese private label market. The company’s expectation is to increase its business volume in 2022, through a rebranding process and by participating in international sourcing fairs.