September 7th, 23


Decenio takes inspiration from its first golf tournament

The Portuguese fashion brand Decenio launched pieces inspired by the event that happened on September 2nd. It was the first edition of the Decenio Green tournament at the Golf Course in the historic Vidago Palace Hotel. The pieces were produced for the editorial launching the first golf tournament.

The items redefine the style associated with sport, with proposals for men and women. In addition to clothing, it also includes sneakers and accessories. The shades focus on green, blue, or beige.

Regarding the event that takes place tomorrow, Decenio explained – in a statement – ​​that the brand has “many points in common with this sport”, such as “the relaxed lifestyle, slow living, well-being, are values ​​that represent the Portuguese brand and which are also part of the way of life of golf fans”.

The connection of Decenio with sport reflects on its responsibility for dressing the Portuguese delegation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and in Paris in 2024.