September 30th, 2022



European leader in thermo‐adhesive and laminating capacity, Coltec is committed to innovation as a competitive and differentiating factor. The most recent novelty is a coating compatible with digital printing, which already produces samples to make the system known to its customers – whose potential universe extends to several sectors.

It is a coating on a synthetic substrate, mostly polyester, obtained by direct extrusion of polymers (TPU – thermoplastic polyurethane). Tiago Goiana, the company’s commercial, also explains that the new product “is of interest as a consumable for service providers or printing equipment for latex, UV or eco-solvent”.

The new product, which makes it possible to diversify for customers focused on areas like health, construction, or footwear, is already in the production and development phase of samples to make known to potential customers.

Led by José Neves and having completed four decades of existence, last year the company concluded an investment of around 5.5 million in new facilities and machinery (photo), which project it as a European leader in the capacity of thermo‐adhesive and laminating. The investments also included the creation of an in-house laboratory, encouraging more and more technicians to enter the product area.

Leader in the provision of textile lamination services, direct bonding and coating with thermo-adhesives and breathable and waterproof membranes, Coltec exports around 90% of its production – half indirectly – to customers ranging from the textile area to the automotive industry, passing through by health/hospital, military/security, clothing, and footwear.