June 14th 2024



Casa da Malha will be exhibiting at Milano Unica from 9 to 11 July. At Rho Fieramilano, the company is bringing its ‘Capsule’ collection, which arose from the need to create alternatives to changing consumption habits. “Divided into 12 capsules, each one is made up of fibres from different raw materials, which contribute to a less impactful industry,” explains Mariana Moreira, image and communication manager, to T Jornal.

BASTY is one of the capsules in this new collection, with a variety of knitwear made from hemp and linen. “An interesting addition to our hemp offer is Felde Fibers. Felde grows its hemp in Germany and has developed its own production method that results in exclusively fine quality and elemental fibres made from hemp, flax and European nettle. And the yarn is fully traceable,” she adds.

WOOLY is also part of the ‘Capsule’ collection, with a variety of yarns and woollen structures. Among the properties highlighted by Casa da Malha are: the flexibility and durability of the wool, natural olfactory properties, with the advantage that the knitwear in this collection is easy to care for. “All the fabrics used in this capsule are free from muesling,” she emphasises.

“We focus on materials that favour durability, but also recyclability and biodegradability at the end of the pieces’ lives, so we pay attention to certifications, production processes and the raw materials selected,” she continues.

Another precaution was to avoid mixing fibres and to favour alternative dyeing and finishing processes. Feedback on participation so far is very positive: “the edition in January 2024 provided us with many visits to the stand and important contacts. We continue to identify a very interesting potential in this fair and in the type of clients who visit it,” she says.

In terms of client profile, Casa da Malha is looking for clients from medium/high segment brands based in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain and the United States of America.