February, 3rd 23



Burel Factory has just launched its first clothing collection. A strategic and qualitative step in the raw material that made Burel Factory known in Portugal and a growing number of foreign markets: burel and its diverse and surprising applications.

Taking the names Montanha and Woolclopedia, the first clothing collection from the Burel Factory starts a new concept as “a tribute to the color diversity in factories”, tells Isabel Costa, co-founder and co-owner of Burel Factory, to T Jornal.

The Burel Factory clothing collection has “pieces for everyone, ranging from coats, trousers, skirts and shirts”, points out Isabel Costa. Wool, burel, and combinations, for example, of wool and polyester, make the pieces. “With different weights and with different applications and work with wool and burel”, the adult collection has a maximum of one hundred clothing parts for each model.

Made by different hands, the collection is slowly and ecologically aware, insisting on the concern with the durability of the pieces, overproduction and deterioration of the environment.

The collection presentation took place last week in Lisbon and Porto at a private event, and “it went very well: the new concept was very well received”, revealed the co-founder and co-owner.

With this new timeless, limited, and made-to-last collection, the continuous focus on the wool and burel promotion and its secular textile knowledge is also present. The pieces are also available online.