May 14th 2024



ADA group, which specialises in the sale of medical supplies, namely gauze pads, TNT pads, incontinence products and bandages, is creating a cosmetics line, under its own brand, Vanity Line.  ‘We are currently developing a new line of products dedicated to cosmetics and beauty professionals,’ says Marta Andrade, the group’s vice-president.

Among the new products will be Vanity Sets, with disposable make-up removers, body and facial exfoliation products, disposable towels for professional hairdressers and wipes for manicures and pedicures. ‘More and more dermatologists are advising the use of sterilised compresses produced in controlled environments instead of traditional cotton pads that are produced and stored in environments that compromise their hygiene and can promote skin irritation. In response to this type of problem, we have developed a line of skin care products that you can buy through the new online shop.

In 2023, ADA – Albino Dias de Andrade created an online shop with the mission of becoming the leading distributor of childcare products, incontinence products and pharmacy products. ‘The decision to launch the online shop was driven by the need to get closer to customers in an increasingly digital world,’ she told T Jornal.

After a good response from the market to their childcare line, featuring ‘complete kits developed in collaboration with childcare specialists and real parents’, consisting of wipes, dry wipes and disposable bath sheets, the company is preparing to launch a cosmetics line.

The group based in Paços de Ferreira, is fully verticalised, had a turnover of over 60 million euros in 2023. Focussed on positioning itself at the forefront of its segment, last year invested 18.5 million euros in 4.0 Manufacturing. ‘We have recently invested in technologically advanced equipment to manufacture gauze in larger rolls,’ they say. This investment generates less waste, thus responding to ecological responsibility.

The group’s export rate is over 50 per cent, and its ambitions for 2024 are to reach new markets such as the American continent and to consolidate the French, British and Italian markets. ‘The ADA group is currently represented in the Spanish, French and British markets,’ says Marta Andrade, adding that ADA Fios’ main markets are Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Europe.

In Portugal, ADA has 93 public and 125 private hospitals as clients – ‘by private we mean hospitals, clinics, nursing homes…’, they explain. Coverage of the hospital network in Spain is also consolidated with 210 public hospitals and 64 private ones, they told T Jornal, showing total dominance of the medical-hospital market on the Iberian Peninsula.