My pride in iTechStyle Green Circle
TI06 - October 19

Maria José Carvalho

Head of the Agenda for Sustainability and Circular Economy at CITEVE

ortugal’s textile and clothing industry (TCI) is internationally acknowledged for its excellence in terms of sustainability. Products with sustainable or circular credentials are the most visible aspect of this excellence, which is reinforced by the sustainable production practises present in our companies.

It’s putting the icing on the cake, as they say: since we have a TCI prepared for the worldwide challenge of transitioning into a sustainable and circular development model, we need a space that enables us to show the world the best of what is done in our sector. Thus comes iTechStyle Green Circle – sustainable showcase.

Therefore, a dynamic partnership between Associação Selectiva Moda, CITEVE and Paulo Gomes, launched in September 2018, during the ongoing MODtissimo, the iTechStyle Green Circle. The main goal of this showcase was to promote the excellence of the Portuguese textile products in terms of sustainability and circular economy. One of the primary purposes of this initiative, since its very inception, was to present the sustainable textile products in an attractive way, as opposed to a certain trend that typically associates sustainability with flavourless products.

This launch was an astounding success. Besides becoming much visited and commented during MODtissimo, the products were presented in several international trade fairs, including a strong presence at January’s edition of Neonyt, in Berlin.

Having tested the concept, in 2019 we evolved to the 1st edition of iTechStyle Green circle. For this edition, we started taking in applications and defined the selection criteria, opening the possibility for any type of material/product associated with textiles, and we broadened it to the various sectors beyond fashion, such as home textiles, sports, auto, and many others.

I have no doubt that the second edition of iTechStyle Green Circle will outshine the success of its debut edition. No doubt about it because I know what will be showcased, whether in terms of materials (threads, fabrics, knits, non-fabrics and buttons) as well as final products (clothing and home textiles), as I also know who are the creators involved. In this year’s edition we will find new materials made from natural sources, recycled fibres, biodegradable fibres, incorporation of residue into textile structures, marked fibres, attainment of colour with minimal environmental impact and even a new concept for easily dismantling a clothing garment.

The people who know me know I’m proudly Portuguese and that I defend our textile and clothing industry with all I’ve got. And the people who know iTechStyle Green Circle – sustainable showcase, understand my pride!