A rooftop named after a Terrace
TI06 - October 19
Cantinas do Serrão

Manuel Serrão

With grilled fish as a pretext, Manuel Serrão takes us to Valentim's rooftop, where the food is tasty and the sunsets unforgettable

Why are terraces, which are growing in numbers all over Matosinhos, all covered? During the day they are clearly meant to provide protection from the unforgiving sun, but for lunch and dinner the real reason is none other than the fear of the seagull scourge! I hope that no fundamentalist from the People and Animal Party is reading this article, otherwise they might sue me for having no respect for that bird that respects nothing and no one!

This reasoning comes in order to understand why Valentim identifies itself as a terrace, in spite of being more of a rooftop. Names aside, what really matters is that they serve the best grilled fish one can find in Matosinhos, which may and should be preceded by the sautéed squid, always precisely cooked.

My friend Rui Sousa Dias (whose ancestors came from the textile world) “forged” this Terrace from the Valentim Hotel, set-up in between the traditional Valentim restaurant and this new space on the top floor of the same building.

Terrace or rooftop?
Nomenclature aside, what matters is that the best grilled fish from Matosinhos is eaten here
Together with Dom Peixe (which, in the meantime, took over the space of the old Sempr’Assar) he created a gallery of great meals, of which Matosinhos can only be proud. The rest of us need only to enjoy.

Despite the fish market, this terrace might just have the best view out of the restaurants in the area because of its elevation, and you are not kept waiting for the fish, since a grill has been installed on their balcony. The smoke from the grilled is then joined by the others made by patrons, killing two birds with one stone… nevertheless the avoidable habit, for the sake of everyone’s health!

O Valentim Terrace

Rua Gago Coutinho 11

4450-142 Matosinhos